Nothing ruins a good backyard party better than a ketchup stain from your BBQ feast. If you want to keep the life of the party alive, as well as the life of your upholstery and furniture, use Triple S’ Proseal Fabric Protector! Our carefully designed system helps protect, defend, and preserve your indoor and outdoor cushions!

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Benefits Of ProSeal Fabric Protector

Protects against spills! Accidents happen, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with them forever. The ProSeal Fabric Protector system ensures those spills don’t leave a pesky mark on any fabric in your home.

Defends fibers! Proseal deeply penetrates the surface, creating a bonded seal that surrounds each individual fiber in your fabric. This helps improve color fastness, and fade and abrasion resistance.

Preserves value and appearance. Since Proseal protects each fiber from the top to the bottom, you can rest assured knowing that your fabric will survive any accident or stormy weather. From upholstery and rugs, to other textiles like velvet, suede, wool, silk, cotton, nylon, bamboo, and rayon!

Do you want to extend the life of all of your indoor and outdoor furniture? Your answer is the ProSeal Fabric Protector from Triple S! From upholstery to rugs and drapes, our  protective formula will ensure that your summer furnishings stays clean all summer long. For more questions on our ProSeal Fabric Protector, visit our website.

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