It’s important to make your home’s decor fit your style, budget, and lifestyle. Well with summer almost here, now your backyard is calling for your expertise. Before you rush outside to update your outdoor living space, here are some things to take into consideration.

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Consider the weather. Is the weather in your area hot and dry, or cool and moist? Do you live near the coast, or more inland? While wicker can’t withstand exposure to moisture, some wood materials may splinter and crack in hot and dry conditions — so, It’s important to factor your weather conditions in.
Measure your space. Keep in mind how much room you have and how it’s shaped. For instance, for a small space, a bar table may work better than a regular dining set. Just like inside your home, make sure you have enough room for people to walk around comfortably.
Determine the placement. Will you be adding furniture underneath your overhead covering? Will you place some tables and chairs on the grass? This will help you decide which materials are a good match given their surroundings.
Factor in storage space. Once the summer is over, you don’t want the Northeast winters to wreak havoc on your outdoor furniture. With that being said, be sure to store your tables, swings, chairs, and your patio cushions as well!
At Triple S, we know it’s important to preserve the look of your furniture. That is why we offer patio and boat cushion storage and cleaning for the winter season! As part of this service, we will pick up your cushions, clean, store, and return them looking better than ever! To learn more about our free winter storage, visit us on the web.
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