Are you in the market for new bedding? While bedspreads and comforters are often long-term purchases, knowing the right way to keep them clean is essential to creating a soothing sleep environment.

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Possible Problems

  • Stains: Once stains have contacted the fabric, they may be difficult to remove. Factors affecting removal include the nature of the staining material and the age of the stain. The multiple thickness of bedspreads and comforters also make removal difficult.
  • Color loss: All coordinating pieces should be dry cleaned or laundered at the same time and with the same process to prevent color variances within the set.
  • Shrinkage: Shrinkage of three percent or more can cause the bedspread to not fit properly and appear too small.
  • Improper construction: If comforters are not quilted with closed pockets, the filling material can shift while you clean. Proper manufacturing helps prevent shifting, fabric tears, and uneven appearance.
  • Stitching under stress: Stitches could break during cleaning if quilting lines are more than eight to 10 inches apart.

Preserving Your Household Textiles

Triple S Cleaners knows a thing or two about household textiles — including, bedspreads, comforters, draperies, blankets, upholstery, slipcovers, decorative pillows, rugs, and heirloom textiles. To protect and prolong the beauty of your household textiles remember these basic tips:

1. Protect all furnishings from sunlight, fumes, and pets.
2. Damage, including rips and tears, should be repaired immediately.
3. Vacuum regularly to remove dust and other debris..
4. Follow the manufacturer’s’ cleaning recommendations.
5. Don’t allow items to become extremely soiled.
6. Have stains removed immediately.
7. Don’t store household textiles that are not clean and stain free.

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