There’s more that goes into a sunroom besides sunshine. Furniture, decor, and even your flooring are a big part of what makes this room so relaxing. Before you go soaking up the rays, here are a few flooring options to consider.

Picking The Best Flooring For Your Sunroom | Carpet Cleaning | CT | Triple S |
Carpeting. Despite popular belief, you don’t have to limit carpeting to the areas of your home with the least amount of traffic. Carpets are a great addition for sunrooms because it doesn’t heat up in the summer, and it keeps your feet warm and toasty in the winter. If you end up buying carpet for your sunroom, make sure you purchase indoor/outdoor material that will be able to withstand every season. 

Hardwood. It will be less noticeable when light-colored wood eventually begins to fade, so we suggest staying away from any darker stained hardwood floors. If you simply can’t live without the deeper tones, put a rug over your floor to extend the life of your hardwood floor.

Laminate. Spare yourself the expense of hardwood floors by installing laminate instead. But be aware, laminate floors can fade over time, so you’ll want to be sure you pick out a brand that includes UV protection. 

Tile. Tile flooring is very beneficial for a sunroom. Not only is the material durable, it can also moderate the temperature, and handle humidity during the warmer months. Just be careful when you’re shopping around, dark tiles can get very hot after a day in the sun.

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