Carpet has remained the fan-favorite flooring option for homeowners. They make for a beautiful addition to your home, but watch out for wrinkling or buckling — one of the most common problems you can face with your wall-to-wall carpeting. Here are a few reasons why this may be occurring in your carpets.

What Causes Your Carpet To Buckle? | Carpet Cleaning | CT | Triple S |

High humidity levels. You want the humidity levels in your home to range from 10 to 65 percent — nothing more, nothing less. When your home is too humid, the moisture in the air can penetrate the carpet and cause it to swell and wrinkle. Run your air conditioner or a dehumidifier to draw the moisture out of the air, and in turn, out of your carpet.

Dragging heavy items. If you’re thinking about rearranging some of your furniture, be careful dragging it across your floor — it tugs on the carpet and can cause it to stretch. If possible, try to lift the item and carry it or drag it across the floor with a piece of plywood underneath.

Improper installation. When wall-to-wall carpet is installed, it must be stretched and secured tightly in place. If installed incorrectly, the carpet will loosen, causing it to ripple. If this occurs, you should get your carpet re-stretched by a professional.

Choosing the wrong under padding. While most of the focus in the carpet-buying process is on selecting the carpet itself, the underpad is actually one of the most important components of covering your floor. If the wrong padding is installed underneath your carpet, it will allow too much flexibility, which will make your carpet buckle. Keep an eye on the underpad thickness and density requirements needed for your carpet.

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