If you’re standing on carpet in a hotel, at an airport, or even in your living room, there’s a good chance you’re standing on carpet manufactured in Dalton, Georgia. More than 85 percent of the carpets sold in the U.S. and 45 percent of the carpets found worldwide are made in this small city — making Georgia the “Carpet Capital of The World.”

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In 1900…
A young woman named Catherine Evans Whitener, hand-crafted a tufted bedspread (threading loops of yarn) as a wedding gift, marking the beginning of the tufted carpet industry. As interest grew, she made her first sale in 1900 for 2 dollars and 50 cents.

Demand became so great that local families began working on hand tuft spreads, which ended up helping many people survive the depression. The high demand took bedspread manufacturing from the tufters’ homes to the factories, and by the mid 1940’s, 99 percent of tufted bedspreads were machine-made.

After World War II…
People were craving even more color and design in their home, so factories in Dalton began making rugs and mats with the same tufting process they used for bedspreads.

Four of the world’s largest carpet companies are located in Georgia — Shaw industries, Mohawk Industries, and Beaulieu of America. And even with the introduction to other methods and techniques, such as knitting and braiding, more than 90 percent of carpet is still tufted today.

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