While the weather may feel like winter, we only have one more week until it’s officially spring. If you decide to kick off your spring cleaning by rearranging your furniture, you might notice a dent in your carpet. If your furniture has been in that same spot for a long period of time, the marks won’t budge on their own. But before you get frustrated and give up on sprucing up your space, we have some tips to help get rid of carpet dents – and it’s easier than you might think!

How To Remove Carpet Dents| Carpet Cleaning | CT | Triple S

Ice cube: Place an ice cube where the carpet dips and wait until the ice melts. For large indentations, wait up to 12 hours. The water will engorge the dent in the carpet, bringing it back to the height of the surrounding areas. Use a sponge to absorb the excess water and then use a spoon or a coin to gently lift the carpet fibers.

Steam iron: Lay a clean cloth over the dent while using a steam iron. Why use a cloth? It’ll cause damage to the fibers if you lay the iron directly on top of the carpet. Wait for the area to cool and lift the fibers.

Blow dryer: Just as your blow dryer adds volume and body to your hair, it can do the same for your carpet. Spray water to the dent and use a blow dryer to heat the area. Using your fingers, brush the fibers to get rid of the dent.

Damp towel: For deeper divots, lay a moist towel over the dent and iron over the towel on medium heat. Vacuum over the affected area to lift the carpet fibers.

Have any of these tips helped? Do you know of any other dent-removing methods? Let us know in the comments below.

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