When you want to understand something, you have to speak its language. Diving into a “carpet dictionary” may not seem like the most interesting thing, but to get a good deal on carpets it helps to know the basics. Below are common terms used in the industry.

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BCF Fiber
BCF (bulked continuous filament) refers to the length of the fibers used to make the carpet. As the name suggests, it’s essentially one long continuous strand of fiber used to make a section of carpet.

The term berber commonly refers to a style of carpet that’s made of looped fibers. But in technical terms, berber actually refers to carpet that has a fleck of another color running through it.

Natural Fibers
This refers to any fiber that’s not man-made – i.e., synthetic. There are many natural fibers used in carpet including wool, seagrass, sisal, and jute.

Synthetic Fibers
In contrast to the natural fibers discussed above, synthetic fibers are man-made carpet fibers. This includes nylon, polyester, olefin, and triexta.

A saxony is a style of carpet characterized by cut fibers of uniform length. This is probably the most iconic carpet style and what may come to mind when you hear broadloom.

A remnant is a smaller piece of carpet that is typically the ‘end of the roll.’ Remnants vary in size, usually ranging from about 3 feet up to around 25 feet, but they can be any size. They’re often sold ‘as is,’ meaning they don’t come with a full warranty, but they’re generally offered at discounted prices.

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