You don’t have to be an interior designer to decorate your space well. Pick out designs, fabrics, and hues that you love and bring them together with a dash of recklessness. Just make sure to follow these tips while you’re mixing your aesthetics – it’ll help prevent any raised eyebrows.

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*It’s easy to mix and match furniture, and come up with a completely unique style for your home. Start with the most important piece first – like a neutral couch or a really unique flea market find, and focus your design style and color palette around it.

Keep colors similar. Using a consistent color scheme helps the room look more cohesive. If you have a traditional armchair, but want to add in a more modern sectional, choose a sofa in the same color family, and you’ll be good to go!

Mind the scale. You don’t want an overstuffed chair sitting next to a dainty loveseat. Similar heights and scales make the combination work, so make sure you’re keeping the scale of all your decor in the same realm.

Balance it out. This applies to style and size as well. Even if items are on completely different ends of the room, create the illusion of equal visual weight. Also, if multiple styles are incorporated strategically throughout the room, it’s easier for the eye to accept. Don’t go making one side of the room contemporary and the other half entirely coastal.

Match moods. If your living room is a place to kick back and relax, don’t layer it in overly formal or stuffy furniture. Make all your choices equally informal – with simple lines and soft materials – even if they vary in style.

Once you find the right accent furniture to fit your home, don’t forget to keep it spotless! For fabric protectors and upholstery cleaning, call Triple S!

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