Many homeowners are aware of the aesthetic advantage that rugs can have on the interior design of their home, but there are several other benefits to consider. People have turned to hardwood flooring, tile, or stone surfaces for their durability and ease of cleaning, however, area rugs should not be overlooked.

Why We Love Area Rugs And You Should Too | Carpet Cleaning | CT | Triple S |

Noise Reduction
Do you notice that your room has a slight echo? That’s because the hard surface floor doesn’t absorb sound in the same way that carpet does. Area rugs are also quieter to walk on than a hard surfaced floor.

Not only are rugs more comfortable to stand on, but it’s softness also gives it flexibility. The area rug will absorb some of the impact of your footstep, which takes some of the pressure off your body.

Imagine sliding out of your warm, cozy bed and stepping right onto the cold floor. That thought alone should motivate you to add an area rug or two to any room in your home.

Grounding Aspect
When properly placed, an area rug can help anchor the furniture in a room, which helps create a cozy, intimate space. Additionally, an area rug introduces a sense of calm into a space by slowing down the energy. Fast-flowing energy can create feelings of anxiety and make a space feel somewhat chaotic.

For years, those with allergies were advised to remove all carpeting from the home, but area rugs can have a positive effect on allergens. Numerous studies show that carpet traps allergens, thereby keeping them out of the air and creating a better breathing environment for your home.

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