The colder months are here to stay – for six more weeks to be exact. As the temperature continues to drop, the content of your wardrobe continues to change. If you haven’t already, now is the time to break out those heavier winter coats, snow boots and scarves.

Here are a few more winter item tips and considerations to think about when rolling with the weather.

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Insect Damage

After a long slumber, your winter clothes will need to be awakened and taken out of storage. Depending on how careful and attentive you were when packing them away, you may have had some unwanted visitors over and will want to check your garments for signs of insect damage.

Insects such as crickets, ants, moths, beetles, and cockroaches tend to feed on clothes that were not cleaned properly before storing. Look for small holes, worn areas, and discolored lines on the portions of the garment that had spills or stains that were never removed.

TIP: The odor from mothballs or crystals is difficult to remove. Try airing the garments by hanging them outside in the shade.

Wardrobe Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning, the first and easiest step to take to ensure the best cleaning is to follow the manufacturer’s care label instructions. Many of your garments may be hand or machine washable. Minimize agitation to prevent matting and pilling of napped fabrics.

Festive Stains

Along with the cooler weather, you also are sure to be plagued by unforeseen stains during the many celebrations that occur.

Stains caused by cosmetics, oily foods, and beverages will get best results when pre-treated. Many festive dishes, unfortunately, contain ingredients that are not easily removed using household stain removal techniques and may require solvent-based treatments. Check out some of our products and stain removal tips that can help!

Next time you change over your closet, think about these tips and considerations so you can spend each season getting the most out of your wardrobe.

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