Is it hard to find counter space in your kitchen? Do you have trouble finding a place to sit in your dining room? These are a few definite signs that you’re living in a mess. You may have given up hope of living any other way, but follow these small steps and you’ll see the positive effects on your home and lifestyle.

How To Clear Out The Clutter In Your Home | Carpet Cleaning | CT | Triple S

Slow down the accumulation of possessions. In order to manage our clutter, we need to change our mindset and begin evaluating our purchases differently. Keep a few questions in mind to help raise awareness of an item’s purpose:
– Is this item really needed?
– Do I have a place to store this when I get home?
– Am I buying this for the right reasons?

Remove the excess. The fewer items we own, the easier it is to minimize clutter. Get rid of anything that is no longer used, loved, or essential. To help in the process of cleaning your home, start with the small and easy projects first. Those small victories will help motivate you to tackle the harder cases of clutter in your home.

Implement habits to manage your clutter. Some specific areas in your home will require extra effort and energy compared to others. Create daily or weekly cleaning habits in the rooms that need the most attention. It can be as simple as cleaning the kitchen after every meal or putting away your clothes after you’re done changing.

Once you can finally see the floors in your home, call Triple S. No matter what type of flooring you have, the textile specialists at Triple S are here to help! We offer many professional cleaning services, including oriental and area rugs, wall to wall carpeting, drapery and valance, as well as tile, grout, and stone. We are a family owned business with over 50 years of experience and are here to help you keep your home looking and feeling Clean, Fresh, & Bright this winter!

Triple S has three main plant locations:

Stamford Plant | 400 West Main Street
Norwalk Plant | 337 Westport Avenue
Stratford Plant | 1800 Stratford Avenue
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