Do you know a thing or two about making a statement? How about in regards to your home? Adding accent furniture can make a big impact to your interior design, but how do you add these pieces correctly?

How To Add Accent Furniture | Upholstery Cleaning | CT | Triple S |

1. Let it stand out 
If everything in one space is special, then nothing will make a statement. You want to balance various items in the room so the statement piece can really make an impact.

2. The rule of three
When incorporating a piece of furniture, throw out the idea that everything has to match. However, keep in mind the rule of three – when adding color to a room, pick it up in three different accent areas. When you start using an abundance of different colors, it can look a bit busy.

3. Keep scale in mind
You want to make sure you’re not adding a piece of furniture that is too large for the rest of the space and vice versa. Not only will it throw off the balance of the room, but it also won’t be able to serve its purpose properly if it doesn’t fit the right dimensions.

4. Choose a focal point
There are certain pieces in a home that act more as a supporting element than a statement piece, i.e. an end table, mirror, or nightstand. To really create the ‘wow’ factor, your accent furniture should be the main part of the room, like a couch or a bed.

At the end of the day, don’t be afraid to play around – it’s your own personal style! Finding the right place for your accent furniture is a balancing game – sometimes the smallest tweaks can make a big difference.

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