Let’s face it – the holiday season is the most stressful season of them all. With all the cleaning, shopping, cooking, and prepping that goes into planning a great holiday party, anyone is bound to feel the pressure at some point. That is, unless they know the secret to a stress-free plan:

Make a List: The number one way to create a stress-free holiday is to create a list. On this list, prioritize what you need to take care of – cleaning, cooking, gift-buying – make the list as long as it needs to be. The most important thing is that you’ll find yourself more organized.

Cook ahead:
When you leave the soups, meats, and desserts to the last minute, it would cause anyone to stress. Instead, break up your menu. Made the desserts a few days ahead (so as long as they stay fresh). The same goes for your soup – which at times you’ll find have more flavor after a day or two.

Stock up: Grocery and liquor stores can sell out quick around the holidays season. When it comes to soda, cider, wine, as cheese and crackers, purchase these ahead of time so you don’t panic at the last minute as your run around to every store.

Tidy Up a Bit: The holiday isn’t a time for a messy house. By keeping the home tidy by picking up after yourself and scrubbing a little every day, you’ll save yourself the aggravation of having to do a big cleaning just hours before guests arrive.

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