Cleaning for the holidays can be stressful, especially when you leave everything till the last minute. If you break it down a bit, all you need are a few minutes for a couple of days before your party. You can even get started today:

 Day 1: Walk Through
Take a quick walk through your home as if you’re the guest. Anything sore on the eyes should go.

Day 2: Wash Windows
On a cloudy afternoon or in the evening, wash your windows and vacuum the screens to get rid of dust and smears.

Day 3: Deep Clean Bathrooms
Do you have any guests staying over? Make the space feel like home for them by clearing out medicine cabinets and scrubbing the floors. Remove clutter and add essentials they’ll need such as linens, fresh soap, and hand lotion.

Day 4: Clean the Kitchen

After the bathroom, tackle the kitchen by cleaning your stove top, countertops, and cabinets.

Day 5: Straighten Up the Closet
Straighten up the coat closet and make room for guest coats. Hang extra hangers just in case.

Day 6: Clear the Entryway

First impressions matter. So put down a new, festive door mat, polish the doorknob, hang the wreath, and sweep the entryway clean.

Day 7: Touch Up and Plan

The party is now days away – make those last minute touch ups and plan how you will set the table and what you will prepare come your holiday dinner.

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