Harvest season is here! All the more reason to gather some lists on how you can prepare for your Thanksgiving gathering and how you can clean up the mess afterwards. As our way of saying thanks to our customers, here are 5 easy steps to get rid of those food and drink stains.

 Find green cleaner
The best kind of cleaner is one that is eco-friendly and has not been tested on animals. If you’re looking for a DIY, vinegar, detergent, and water is a great solution that can get rid of those holiday stains – everything from cranberry and gravy to wine and coffee.

Test product
You want to pre-test your solution before you pour the solution on the entire stain. Put a few drops of formula on each color in the textile and, using your white-absorbent material, hold it against each color, count to ten, then examine the results. If the dye has bled into the absorbent material, or if there has been a change in the colored area, call a professional ASCR member cleaner for advice.

Work on stain inward
Avoid leaving a ring on your furniture or rugs by working from the outer edge toward the center of the stain. Bonus tip: blot frequently as opposed to rubbing or brushing.

Let dry
This is the step where you need to have a little patience. Some stains respond slowly and that’s OK – let the solution do its magic. If once it’s dry, you don’t see the desired results, contact a textile specialist.

Call pro
Some stains are just too big or difficult to remove on your own. That’s where the help of a professional comes in handy.

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