The temps are slowly dropping, which means winter is on its merry way! Is your outdoor space ready for the ice and snow? From prepping your lawn to keeping your deck clear, here are the important tasks you’ll need to complete before this season is over:

Autumn brings cool weather and lots and lots of leaves. You may also experience a few tropical storms around this time of year, which leads us to this tip: sweeping. Sweep the leaves, sweep the debris, sweep anything that could get stuck under the snow (because we all know what lies ahead). Repeat as needed to keep your deck or patio clear of any obstructions.

Disconnect hoses
Prevent your pipes from freezing by disconnecting your outdoor hose. When you forget to disconnected this hose for winter,  the water that remains within will freeze and almost certainly cause the lining to crack. If you have a control nozzle on your hose and freezing occurs, the ice will put pressure on the pipes connected to the house and result in an entire home plumbing problem. We say be safe and disconnect now.

Trim lawn
Now is your final chance! Make sure you fertilize and mow the lawn before the first freeze of the season. Rake away dead leaves that fall and cut your lawn, leaving just about 2 inches. The last thing you want to do is worry about mold and tall grass popping up through the snow which accumulates on your lawn all winter long.

Store cushions
Protect your outdoor furniture by storing umbrellas, chairs, and patio cushions. Some professional cleaning plants will even pick up your cushions, store, clean, and return to you next season so that bad weather doesn’t get the best of them.

Triple S offers seasonal patio and boat cushion cleaning to keep your outdoor furnishings protected for next spring. As part of this service, we will pick up your cushions, clean, store, and return them looking better than ever! To learn more about our free winter storage going on now, visit us on the web.

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