Grout is a fundamental part of the tile in your bathroom and kitchen. And keeping your grout clean helps the overall appearance of your space and improves the presence of your home. However, oftentimes washing grout is overlooked. 

With constant foot traffic, use of commercial cleaners, and moisture, your grout can take a serious beating. Here’s how you can get it back:


Keeping your grout clean sometimes means resealing it to perfection. Lots of dirt and dust effect the color of your grout, which is where a professional grout and tile cleaning company can come in, renew, and repair!


Sometimes all you need is an everyday cleaning solution. For instance, when it comes to grout between your backsplash, a pH-neutral, streak-free cleaner is easy to use and can restore the beauty of your grout.

Bonus Tip

When scrubbing grout yourself, use an unused toothbrush. The brussels are fine enough to get between your tile and the handle of the brush will make it easier to use!

At Triple S, we can make your tile and grout look new again with professional cleaning and sealing! We use top notch cleaning solutions and machinery to deep clean and rinse away residue. Plus, we give you a free bottle of our famous Balance Neutral PH Cleaner for easy, everyday use. To learn more about our grout and tile cleaning services, visit us on the web.

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