With kids going back to school it reminds us that our offices need to be just as clean and organized as schools are in September. Whether it be your home office or your office building, here are a few tricks to start fresh:

1. Take a minute to organize receipts and documents. Place them in separate piles and throw away what you don’t need – especially if you can find it on your computer.

2. Toss away old pens. Chances are half of them are out of ink if they’ve been left open or you haven’t used them in a while. Leave out a few that you use often. If you have a pencil sharpener laying around that you don’t use, donate it to your local school.

3. Your desk can easily get covered with dust, so use the condensation from your iced coffee cup or wipe down the desk with a damp paper towel.

4. It’s always nice to get gifts at work. But if you have a ton of toys and cards scattered around your desk, either find a special place for them or toss them (this is your personal preference). You’ll be more able to focus.

5. If you aren’t at your desk, keep the food away. Not only will you get some unwanted guests, but you’ll also be more able to focus when you’re not eating.

6. Vacuum your upholstery and rugs or carpets. Chances are you vacuum in other rooms but might neglect your office space – make an effort to tidy up the space this fall.

7. You can also benefit from wiping up wooden floors if you have them. Eliminate all the dirt and allergens that came in spring so you’re off to a fresh start!

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