Renovating your home? From choosing furniture to flooring, decorating isn’t the easiest of tasks. But when you have expert advice from textile experts, the decision can be a whole lot easier! As your green cleaning service in Norwalk and the surrounding area, we’d like to share with you the do’s and don’ts of flooring.

DO consider your home’s layout. If you have an open floor plan, using the same flooring throughout the space can help create a continuous appearance.

DON’T underestimate durability. From heavy foot traffic to broken glass, your floor can take a beating – so choose wisely according to how often the room will be used.

DO keep climate in mind. Damp humid weather can shorten a floor’s lifespan. You’ll want to avoid hardwood floors from warping and floors from creaking.

DON’T contribute to air pollution. Your home gets enough from the outside. Did you know both traditional vinyl flooring and newly installed carpet can emit high levels of BOCs for up to 72 hours. Choose an eco-friendly option.

DO opt for carpet. It’s overall the most comfortable and can hold allergens more than hardwood can. Plus, you have plenty more color options!

DON’T think carpet is worse for your allergies. As we said, carpet can act as a filter for dust and dander, which surprises many homeowners.

Once you settle on a floor you love, turn to Triple S! We proudly serve Norwalk and the surrounding regions and can help you efficiently clean your carpets, wood, tiles, grout, furntiure, and more! We are a family owned business with over 50 years of experience. If concerned about clean ability of your rug or carpet, ask the Rug Expert Steven DeMarco II at ext. 405

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