Housetraining your puppy can be frustrating. No matter how many newspapers you throw down, your little canine will still have those “uh oh” moments in the beginning. Some dog owners don’t know where to start training – that, or they’re making a few common mistakes. We’re here to set the record straight and make the process a breeze. Here are three ways to housetrain your puppy that you might be ignoring:

Establish a routine
It’s just like training a toddler – there are certain times to eat, sleep, and potty. Your pet needs this type of training as well, because without it, he will have a more narrow concept of time and limitations. Remember: if you puppy is two months old, he can’t hold for more than about two hours. That being said, eating before bedtime makes this all the more difficult. Pick up your puppy’s water and food dish about two to three hours before sleep to reduce the likelihood of potty time during the middle of the night. Your little one will eventually learn that just like humans, there is a time and place for eating.

Create a space
When you can’t be there to supervise your puppy, make things easier for both of you by confining him to a space just big enough for him to comfortably stand, lie down, and roll around. For example, use a portion of your bathroom or laundry room, blocked off by child-friendly gates.

Be gentle
Accidents are prone to happen when your puppy is house training. But you can help the situation by interuppting your pup when you catch him in the act and making remarks, like “OUTSIDE!” But rather than punishing your puppy for having an accident, reward him for being good – the times when he does go out.

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