Gone are the days of plain tile in the kitchen. Nowadays, homeowners are choosing bright backsplash to decorate their home. But with different materials and colors to choose from, how do you know which design to choose? Here are three main points to take note of:

The focal points
The more you know about focal points, the easier it will be to decide on a backsplash. The two primary spots the eye gets drawn to the most in your kitchen are the space above the range and above the sink. Choose a design that compliments these kitchen appliances best.

Design mixing
Don’t be afraid to play mix-match with your tile. In fact, sticking with a monochromatic look can actually take away from the investment you put into your backsplash. Experiment with complementary colors and play with patterns by composing the tiles vertically for a more contemporary look.


There are different backsplash materials, such as ceramic and porcelain. While they look similar, they hold one main difference: one is significantly stronger. Both are made from clay, but porcelain is more dense and durable, which means more resistance to moisture and cracks.

Once you’ve settled on a kitchen backsplash design, be sure to keep it clean. At Triple S, we can keep tile and grout looking new with professional cleaning and sealing! We use top notch cleaning solutions and machinery to deep clean and rinse away residue. To learn more about our cleaning services, visit us on the web.

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