Going Green? Don’t toss out your old household cleaners – recycle them instead!

Recycling might seem like a chore to most people, or a lifestyle. We see is as a way to proactively protect our beautiful environment. Chemical cleaners can be harsh, and just tossing them away much like we do with other objects, foods, and bottles can have harmful effects. If you’re ready to jump on the green bandwagon but are hesitant on how to begin, we’ve got a few tips for you:

Can I recycle plastic household cleaners?
First check the labels for any specific disposal instructions. Most times, it states very clear directions on what you can do and cannot do. Next, check with your recycling locator to see what type of plastic is accepted. Prior to recycling, empty the unused plastic bottle carefully and as instructed on the label.

Should I pour cleaner down the drain?
Most household cleaning products are designed to go down the drain, but every product is different. If there aren’t any labels, think about how you use your product – does it mix with water? Most liquid, gels, and powdered water-soluble products can be disposed of down the drain. As for solid products, such as soap scouring pads and towelettes – they can be placed in the trash.

Are there any household cleaner laws?
Some household cleaning materials are considered hazardous to the environment if disposed improperly, unless marked as a green product. But let’s face it – mistakes happen. And most of us have had that “uh-oh” moment where we accidentally dispose of the product wrongly. Best you can do is check the label of the product you own for proper disposal instructions and try to remember to recycle. You can even place your separate disposal bins in sight as a friendly reminder.

At Triple S, we’re more than just a full cleaning service for your upholstery, drapery, valances, and carpets. We are also dedicated to keeping our planet a safe and healthy place to live. That is why we use green cleaning methods that keep the environment feeling good and your furnishing looking Clean, Fresh, & Bright!

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