It’s sad to think about how many pet lovers sacrifice their four-legged friends to save their respiratory health. Allergies are no joke, especially when it comes to owning a pet. Before you give up hope, we’ve got several solutions that can make pet allergies work in your favor.

What are we really allergic to?

Before we can make pet allergies work for us, we need to get to the bottom line of why we suffer from these allergies to begin with. A common misconception is that a pet’s hair alone is enough to make us feel sneezy. The truth lies within the protein in the dander. Like with any allergy (including peanut and hay), there is always a protein in the substance that your body is reacting to. 

Pet allergy-producing proteins, called allergens, are also found in your pets urine and saliva. Because these proteins are tiny and easily airborne, it’s no wonder why some people can develop allergies even when the dog is out for a walk.

What can I do?
So you’ve tested positive for pet allergies – now what can you do?

Step 1. Change your environment. This means keep your bedroom pet-free, get into the habit of cleaning often, and consider purchasing a HEPA filter to remove tiny airborne allergens.

Step 2. Change your daily habits. In other words, wash your hands more often, take medication if needed, consider allergy shots, know your environment and where your pet is more likely to make a mess, and don’t give up! The more you alter your habits, the more easily you’ll be able to minimize your allergic reaction – just give it some patience!

At Triple S, we offer several cleaning services to help eliminate airborne allergens and upholstery once more! We are a family owned business with over 50 years of experience and are here to help you keep your home looking and feeling Clean, Fresh, & Bright no matter how messy your furry friends might be!

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