Hiring a good carpet cleaning company goes beyond choosing the first five star rated service on the web. Ask yourself these questions before inviting them into your home:

Green Cleaning
Does the carpet cleaning company offer green cleaning and green products? One company might get the job done, but if they’re not using quality green-cleaning formulas and the most modern techniques and equipment, then you might benefit looking elsewhere. 

Ask About Certificates
Ou want a carpet cleaner you can trust, so ask if they’ve been carefully screened and selected for their dedication and pride of performance. Have they also been trained by professionals? Know who you’re inviting into your home and go by your intuition – are these people I can trust?

One Stop Shop
Upon hiring a carpet cleaner, you might realize that you also need oriental and area rug cleaning or upholstery cleaning, etc. Choose a service that offers all of that and more, because let’s face it: even if you get your carpet cleaning one day, chances are you’ll want them to come back to make all your textiles look as spotless as your floor looks.

Spot Cleaning Products
Can the company you’re hiring provide you with spot removal products and techniques to fix the little messes at home? Some carpet cleaning companies will use their professional tools and the job is done – the next time you need a cleanup, they’ll charge you for returning. There are other companies, however, who offer spot cleaners and careful instructions that allow you to clean like a pro all on your own!

The next time you need a professional carpet cleaning service, consider these tips.

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