For many people, recycling is about separating plastic bottles and holding bottle drives. But if you think outside the box, you’ll realize there are plenty of other recycling methods to try at home. Here are three tips we suggest starting with:

Save Water
Think about the amount of water you use when washing your laundry, dishes, and decorative accessories. It’s no wonder that hundreds of gallons are wasted each day. And if you’re not conscious just how much water you could be saving, our environment can suffer even more. So if you’re all about conserving water for our planet, consider the following tips:

  • Wash only full loads of dishes and laundry
  • Check the water setting on your washing machine and adjust properly
  • Reuse your bath towels twice to three times before washing
  • Water your lawn in early morning just before sunrise
  • Don’t put the sink water on full blast

Choose Eco-Friendly Textiles
There are plenty of organic textiles that are just as sustainable as non-organic materials and will make your home feel more breathable- for example, eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, silk, wool, jute, or hemp. So swap out your cotton sheets for organic cotton in the bedroom. 

Use Green Cleaning Options

Another recycling method to try at home is to use green cleaning options rather than relying on harsh chemical cleaners. While there are many DIY spot removal methods to try at home, you can also benefit from asking a textile specialist about green cleaning options for some of the larger cleaning jobs.

At Triple S, we are dedicated to green cleaning your home furnishings, carpets, and upholstery. Our team uses Deirdre Imus Greening the Cleaning Products, which contain naturally-occurring, plant and mineral-based ingredients. Our efforts also support non-profit organizations with each green cleaning purchase.

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