T-minus one week until Memorial Day weekend! If you’re kicking off the start of summer with an outdoor BBQ, there are just a few chores you’ll need to take care of before guests come knocking at your door.

Create a seating arrangement
Make sure you have enough seats for everyone. If you only have ten chairs but twenty guests on the invite list, not all of your guests will be comfortable. The simplest option is to press dining chairs into service and add drum stools or poufs. You can also rent folding chairs for a small price and have picked up the following day.

Light up the night
Don’t leave your guests in the dark! Add lanterns, tealights, and turn on the fire pit if you have one. Hang the lights along your deck, backyard fence, or even tree branches. There are many different colors from which to choose so you can also stick to a color theme (might we suggests red, white, and blue?).

Keep the bugs at bay
Warmer, more humid weather means more bugs. So protect your guests from getting bit by setting up citronella candles on the table and leaving a can of bug spray (or a box of wipes) out. Bonus tip: Look for products that contain the repellent picaridin instead of DEET.

Tidy up
Most of your guests will be in the backyard and in the kitchen, so focus on tidying up those two areas. This means wiping down countertops and floors, your windows, as well as your furniture. Sweep the deck, wipe dirt off the table, and vacuum cushions. 

Hopefully your outdoor cushions are clean for summer! If not, contact Triple S for professional patio and boat cushion cleaning services. We are a family owned business with over 50 years of experience and are here to help you keep your home looking and feeling Clean, Fresh, & Bright!

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