Let the sunlight in – summer is approaching! But when you do, be careful where the sun rays go. Oftentimes, they can fade your precious household fabrics, like your drapes and pillows. To prevent this occurrence, we’d like to share a few tips on how you can get the most out of your household fabrics:

Comforters – Comforters rarely become soiled as they rest atop other blankets and bed coverings. Sooner or later they will acquire a stain or collect enough dust to warrant cleaning. Comforters left in direct sunlight can cause fading in some areas. That being said, it’s best to keep comforters out of direct light to prevent damage. If you find that your comforters are already fading, skip trying to fit the in your small home washers – we can process your them to get the dust out safely.

Drapes – Exposure to sunlight and changing temperatures can often lead to fabric damage in drapes. And overtime, soil and dust in the room, as well as outside atmospheric dirt and gases from automobiles and construction may ruin the drapes. Luckily, many of these soils can be removed through careful cleaning practices. Handmade quilts are especially susceptible to dye bleeding since the fabric components of the quilt vary. At Triple S, we test quilts to ensure no bleeding will ruin it.

Decorative Pillows – Upholstery fabrics used for furniture are usually used to cover decorative pillows. Occasionally, pillows are also made to match draperies or other home furnishings. Most of these items are not supposed to be cleaned unless the manufacturer recommends a procedure. Do not remove the stuffing from cushions for cleaning.

The best way to prevent excessive damage or fading is to swap out your drapes, comforters, and pillow periodically or with the changing seasons. And don’t forget to keep furniture out of direct light to minimize fading and prolong the life of your favorite fabrics.

For optimal protection from sunlight, choose 100 Douglas Window Treatments from DUC Interiors by Triple S.  We service Fairfield county including: Greenwich, Cos Cob, Old Greenwich, Stamford, plus more locations!

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