It’s that time of year again! You’ve bought all new essentials for your outdoor living space – a deck swing, table and chair set, potted plants, a wicker chair. There’s just one thing missing: your brand new patio rug!

Patio rugs can tie a space together if you choose the right one. So how do you know which will best suit your outdoor space? Here are a few elements to consider before making your purchase:

Natural and synthetic woven materials both offer durability for varying weather conditions. Natural fibers, like hemp, jute, and seagrass are all great options and can add texture to your space. You will also benefit from speaking with a textile expert who can offer you alternative protection options against inspects, stains, and odor.

Size & Shape
First measure the outdoor area that you would like to cover. Then, if you have all of your furniture in place, determine how you want the rug to fit within the confines of the space. You may want to create a sitting area or a dining area. If you’re placing the rug under your furniture, we suggest you either have all the furniture legs on the rug or just the front legs. In other words, make sure your choice isn’t too large or too small.  

If you prefer muted tones, then you can skip this step. But don’t be afraid to be bold in your outdoor space. Patio rugs can now be found in right colored shades, stripes, and even geometric patterns.

For more tips on choosing a patio rug for your outdoor space, contact the textile experts at Triple S! We can help you narrow down your options based on environment and preference. We are a family owned and operated business offering cleaning and repair services to keep your area rugs stain and odor free!

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