Let’s face it: cleaning is one of the least fun chores we can imagine. Not to mention, it can also be incredibly time consuming. But when the winter is over, your home needs a little freshening up. To get rid of dirt, scuff marks, and stains, try these cleaning shortcuts to make your task an easier one:

Create easy access – Keeping your cleaning supplies within reach will give you more incentive to clean, rather than having to them down. So get creative by making a special space for them, such as hanging a rod underneath the kitchen sink or assembling a separate cabinet for them.

Work from top to bottom – This one is such a time saver, we can’t stress it enough! A mistake people often make is cleaning the floors, and then tidying up the final touches, such as their cabinets and faucets. Try cleaning backwards! Countertops, cabinets, and appliances should be the first thing. Next should be the floors, because let’s face it, after cleaning the top half, your floors will be a lot more messy.

Make the most of time – Cut down on cleaning time by working efficiently and not wasting a minute. For example, after spraying a cleaner on your bathroom fixtures, take out the trash. When you come back inside, your fixtures should be ready for a good scrubbing (and most of the stains should be dissolved).

Hire a pro – If you despise cleaning, don’t have the time, or lack proper equipment, you’re best off hiring a professional to take care of the cleaning for you. You have at least two crucial times when cleaning your house is necessary: the holidays and spring.

With spring upon us, call the textile experts at Triple S to make the process of cleaning a breeze! We serve Fairfield County, Greenwich, Cos Cob and the surrounding regions of Connecticut!  Triple S is a family owned business with over 50 years of experience.

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