So you’re designing a newly remodeled room and everything is almost finished. You’ve laid down flooring, picked out the furniture, and brought it all together with accent pieces. But one thing thing is missing – your drapes of course! Matching these with the style of your room can be a task in itself. Here are a few stylistic tips to complimenting your drapes with your flooring.

Staying Neutral
Colors are very important when it comes to constructing a good image for your room. After all, you wouldn’t pair green with bright purple, right? In this example, remaining neutral is critical to creating a comfy environment for not only you, but your guests as well. Black. brown, beige and white are great neutral colors that not only pair well with most flooring colors, but can help greatly by blocking natural sunlight if needed!

Color Families
Unless you play for the Lakers, pairing highlighter yellow and bright purple probably isn’t the best combination. When it comes to keeping your room aligned with one style, stay with the same color in different shades. For example, dark blue drapes would pair very well with sky blue accents such as an area rug. Keeping this in mind can also assist in finding things to add as a tasteful decoration!

Patterns Are Key
It may not seem like a big deal, but a diamond quilted pattern probably won’t match too well with a floral print. Instead, shoot for things that are in the same family as the other. For example, if you can find striped drapes, pairing them with striped throw pillows can completely change the appearance of the room. It’s exciting to think about how much more inviting your room can be with subtle changes like this!

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