For most of us, a loving home wouldn’t be complete without our furry friends by our side. They show us unconditional love, and in return, we take them with us on vacations and long strolls around the neighborhood. But to show our pets the utmost love, it’s almost important to keep them clean, healthy, and safe.

With National Love Your Pet Day around the corner, here are a few tips on how you can shower your pet with love all year round:

Stay indoors – Keep your pets indoors during the cold winter months and notice if they start to shiver. But when keeping them indoors, keep in mind that the perfect indoor temperature for you might be too warm for them.

Keep the fur – Keep fur long in the winter and groom as often as possible, as they will shed more onto your furniture and carpets. Lather them up with tear-free shampoo too – especially with all the dirt and snow they catch from being outdoors.

Stay cool – Have your pets relax in shady areas during the hottest days of the year, such as hot surfaces like asphalt. Also, check to see if they are panting heavily – they are probably dehydrated and need water. Get creative by assembling a blowup pool and filling it with cool water for them to splash around in!

Shave short – Give them a short trim to keep their skin cool, as too much fur can keep the heat trapped in their body.

Keep teeth clean – From teeth-cleaning treats, such as GREENIES, to pet friendly dental powders, there are plenty of ways you can better your pet’s dental hygiene without making the process too miserable for them.

Know about diet – Educating yourself about your pet’s diet can keep your pet healthy and free of illness or an upset belly. No matter what kind of pet you have at home, there are certain limitations to what they can and cannot eat. And know that no matter how much they might beg for that piece of chocolate, you’ll be showing them even more love by keeping it out of reach.

At Triple S, we make keeping your home and your pets healthy a top priority. Take advantage of our several cleaning services to restore your carpets, drapes, and upholstery once more! We are a family owned business with over 50 years of experience and are here to help you keep your home looking and feeling Clean, Fresh, & Bright no matter how messy your furry friends might be!

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