Rugs are a great starting point when decorating your home. But how do you know where to start – what size and color to choose, how much to spend, and when exactly to purchase one? Although choosing a rug doesn’t have any set rules, there are a few tips that can help you avoid picking one you might regret down the road:

DO choose furniture first
A rug must also be the appropriate size surrounding your furniture. While it’s OK to have the front legs of a large chair on the rug and the back legs off, all the legs of smaller pieces should be on the rug. As for your dining room table, the rug should be large enough so that all the legs are on the rug when pulled out from the table.

DO choose proper size
Be mindful when selecting a rug size for your home. You don’t want one that is too small nor too big for your furniture (or for the room itself). For example, choosing a rug with smaller dimensions in a large room can make your space appear smaller than it is. But choosing one too large in a small room can have the opposite effect.

DON’T splurge too much
A stunning rug doesn’t have to come with a large price tag, so set a reasonable budget for yourself before shopping. Besides, the more money you save on one rug, the more you can spend purchasing a second one to swap out when the seasons change.

DON’T avoid patterns
Don’t be afraid to shy away from a simple rug. Mixing and matching patterns can in fact compliment a room. Just be sure not to pair clashing patterns and colors. Sometimes a pop of color and pattern can be more appealing to the eye than simple, neutral themes.

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