Do you love your old couch too much to replace it? Although many of us don’t love change, there’s something to said about couch cushions that look worn and torn. So before your furniture becomes uncomfortable and embarrassing to look at, here are a few tips to help you prevent them from slouching:

Flip them over.
Flipping your couch cushions upside down can balance out the weight distribution so you don’t sink into one side too much. So before you even start to notice slight slouching, flip them (as often as every few weeks). You can even swap them with cushions that get the least use.

Wash them.
Most cushion covers are removable. So unzip them from the cushions and wash them in cold water (be careful to follow fabric instructions!). Cleaning your couch cushions should tighten the fabric and keep the foam from stretching.

Add foam.
Measure and cut out sections of foam and fit them inside your couch cushions. You want to use ½ inch foam, as you can always add more if one layer doesn’t do the trick. Then rezip the cushions and shift around with those that have more buoyancy.

Be gentle.
Avoid flopping down on the couch and letting children jump on the, as this can wear down the cushions faster. Sleeping on them for long periods of time can ruin cushions as well. In other words, be careful of how much you use your cushions and the way that you treat them.

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