We can’t help but forgive our four legged friends when they make a mess in the home. But at the end of the day, those accidents need to be cleaned up one way or another. Below are a few tips to not only help you wipe up the mess from an incident, but also help you prevent one:

Place food properly – A common solution to keep your home clean from pets is to set up their food and water dishes on tile or hardwood flooring. If an accidental spill occurs on carpet, it can be tricky to wipe up. Not to mention, they can leave many crumbs behind if they have a habit of feasting on the living room rug.

Clean Instantly
– It’s crucial to immediately clean up accidents as soon as they occur. Not only do accidents smell foul, but they can also leave a permanent stain behind – one that can easily be avoided. If you have a kitten or puppy at home alone and are hesitant that they could have an accident, try creating a playpen for them in the kitchen, as tile and wood is often easier to clean up.

Replace pet furniture – Replace cat and dog beds often or as soon as you notice a visible and permanent stain. You can also try these expert spot removal tips. But if your bed is over old or is torn up, consider replacing it immediately.

Professional cleaning – Choose in-plant cleaning for all your rugs that either have tough-to-reach stains or need freshening up. Not only will your carpet smell clean afterwards, but all of your carpet’s deep fibers will also be rinsed and cleaned. The same goes for your upholstery as well!

At Triple S, we offer several cleaning services to restore your carpets, drapes, and upholstery once more! We are a family owned business with over 50 years of experience and are here to help you keep your home looking and feeling Clean, Fresh, & Bright no matter how messy your furry friends might be!

Triple S has three main plant locations:

Stamford Plant | 400 West Main Street
Norwalk Plant | 337 Westport Avenue
Stratford Plant | 1800 Stratford Avenue
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