Oriental rugs have been a popular choice in homes for a long time. But over the years, we’ve discovered more and more rug styles that have swept the world of interior design. Here are a few favorites:

Bokhara. This solid, jewel-toned rug design comes with 5 to 8 repeating colors. The Bokhara rug is ideal for those who want an accent rug to create a bold statement in their living space. Pair it with a solid-colored couch for a vibrant appearance.

Chobi. Also known as Peshawar, this antique rug features gold and abrash tones, giving it an earthy appearance with a unique floral pattern.

Kazak. These rugs are traditionally manufactured (woven) in Afghanistan and Armenia. Their colors are rich and vibrant, and include red, indigo, and ivory. They typically feature animal and floral prints, as well as tribal medallion designs.

Oushak. Pastel colors, shimmery wool, and floral patterns are what make this type of rug so beautiful and unique. Originating in Turkey, the Oushak (or Ushak) rug comes in shades of cinnamon, grey, terracotta, and other similar pastels.

Qashqai. Featuring 6 to 9 alternating colors, Qashqai rugs are woven with deep indigo blue, madder red, as well as gold and yellow shades. Its patterns usually symbolize tribal symbols or geometric designs.

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