The lyrics from that classic holiday song: “There’s no place like home for the holidays” – they couldn’t be any more true! If you’re staying home for the holiday season and preparing for an upcoming holiday party, make your guests feel extra welcome by keeping these cleaning and organizing tips in mind:

Make it sparkle.
Make your home sparkle from top to bottom! This means wipe down your countertops and floors (and vacuum your rugs). Rule of thumb is to give yourself about 10 minutes per room. But even if you do a quick run through, you will notice that your home will look more ready for your gathering. Just be careful not to test any new cleaning chemicals if you’re prepping last minute, or at least test these chemicals in one small spot first to avoid doing more harm than good.

Get rid of clutter.
From piles of mail in the kitchen or beauty products in the bathroom, put all of these items away. The less clutter you have sitting out, the more room you’ll create for guests, cooking, and your holiday feast! 

Check the lights.
Not just your holiday lights! Check the bulbs at your front porch and side table lamps to make sure your house doesn’t go dark during your gathering! Even if a bulb doesn’t look dim, it helps to change it anyway – especially if you know it’s been awhile since you changed it last.

Set up a welcome mat.
With the number of guests you’ll be expecting, make sure you have a place for them to kick off their shoes. This will keep dirt out of the house so you have less of a mess to clean up later on. Also, be sure there are plenty of coat hangers as well as extra space for their bags and other belongings.

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