Friends and relatives visiting for the holidays? Make them feel right at home by preparing your home ahead of time. Below is a checklist to get every room ready in the house, from the guest bedroom to the bathroom:

Provide extra linens. 
Make sure your guests have everything they need, including extra bath and hand towels. It also helps to collect toiletries and place them in easy-to-find spots so they don’t need to come to you every time they need a favor.

Clear out the closets. 
Provide your holiday guests with additional closet space – just enough for them to unpack their belongings. Go the extra mile by clearing out a few shelves so they can fold their clothes and place shoes in an organized fashion – they’ll be so grateful you did. 

Offer magazines and books.
Whether it’s jet lag or homesickness, sometimes your guests might have trouble sleeping. Place a few books, magazines, newspapers, and even local maps on their nightstand so they can do some light reading to help put their mind and body at ease.

Write down emergency information.
There may be times when you’re not home and your friends or relatives need essential details about the house and neighborhood. Jot down a list of necessary phone numbers. security codes, and other relevant household information so that they can make themselves feel at home without you needing to be there.

Dust the floors.
Don’t let your guests suffer from breathing in too much dirt and dust. Vacuum your carpets and drapery, and wipe down your tiles too! You want your home to be spotless upon your guests’ arrival and want them to feel 100 percent comfortable. So clean your house the way you would want your loved ones to do the same for you.

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