Thinking about remodeling your home for the New Year? If so, be sure to add flooring to your checklist! When you dig up that old carpet, you might realize that your floors need some major updating.

First impressions are lasting impressions, so choosing the right floor is crucial! Check out some of the latest, most beautiful top flooring trends that are in high demand for 2016: 

Wide Planks. You can expect to see a growing number of homes with long, wide planks in the home. With the latest technology and engineering, this flooring product provides more stability that will last for many years.

Light Wood. For a while, traditional dark wood flooring was a popular trend, but now that the economy is starting to improve, lighter tones are in higher demand. For example, driftwood is a trending choice, especially for beach-front inspired homes.

Gray. Currently, gray flooring is taking over the market as opposed to dark wood. This especially works well in a home that has a minimal look or modern Scandinavian style. There are plenty of flooring options available in gray, such as laminate and vinyl.

Reclaimed. Many homeowners are jumping on the Green bandwagon by going all natural in the home. But not only is reclaimed wood eco-friendly – it’s also one of the top flooring trends for 2016. Why? Because using old, reclaimed wood adds characters and tells a history of where the wood originally came from.

If finding a new flooring solution is your goal before the New Year, then consider these four popular options. When you find the perfect new floor for your home, be sure to keep it clean! At Triple S, we offer you the skills and experience to take care of any and all of your floors. To learn more about our services, give us a call at 203-847-8000 or visit our website.

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