When your friends and family gather together for Thanksgiving, you’re bound to have a lot of laughs. But you’re also likely to have a mess on your hands!

If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving feast this year, don’t panic when your home becomes messy. Instead, follow these quick and simple tips that will make cleaning up easier (before and after your guests arrive):

Think ahead. With all the cooking you’ll be doing, it’s a smart idea to clean up prior to your gathering. For example, wipe down countertops and sweep your tile floors so that you won’t have extra cleaning up to do once your guests are gone.

Organize the fridge. Chances are your fridge will be packed with Thanksgiving food this week. So if you have any expired food items or leftovers you know you won’t eat, toss them out and leave some extra (and much needed) room for your vegetables, eggs, cranberry sauce, and other holiday treats!

Clean little by little.
With all the guests you will be inviting over, you’re bound to have many dishes to clean up. When you wait until Thanksgiving is over before you start getting organized, you’re likely to get more stressed out. So stay on top of the mess by soaping up your dishes as you use them and make room for more when you need it!

Ask for disposables.
Are your holiday guests bringing side dishes? Ask them to bring attractive, disposable dishes. That way you won’t have to spend additional time scraping out and soaping up extra dishes.

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