Thanksgiving is around the corner, which means winter is almost here. Is your outdoor space ready? Prepping your lawn and patio for cooler weather is an important part of preventing costly repairs down the road. The easiest way to prepare is to create a checklist with a few tips:

1. Last minute mowing.
Mow your lawn before the temperatures freeze up. About three-fourths of an inch long should do!

2. Rake the falling leaves.
Your lawn needs all the sun it can get – especially before the dry air sets in. So rake up those dry, crunchy leaves and put them in a trash bag.

3. Cater to your garden.
Tend to your garden before it’s too late! This means collecting seeds and storing them for the next season, fertilizing the grass, and saving summer bulbs for next year. IT also helps to add a protective layer of mulch to your soil to preserve the temperature during winter and prevent soil from “forcing” your plants out of the ground.

4. Clear off your deck.
Winters in the Northeast can bring lots of heavy winds and snowfalls, which can wreak havoc on your outdoor furniture. With that being said, be sure to store your tables, swings, chairs, and BBQ. And don’t forget about your patio cushions as well!

At Triple S, we know it’s important to preserve the look of your furniture. That is why we offer patio and boat cushion storage and cleaning for the winter season! As part of this service, we will pick up your cushions, clean, store, and return them looking better than ever! To learn more about our free winter storage going on now until May 2016, visit us on the web.

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