Dogs and cats are curious pets and can use your help to keep them from getting into trouble. By making a few adjustments in the home, you can help your loving companion stay safe. Below are five ways you can pet-proof your home:  

Stow food. Hide food in cabinets and pantries or push them far back on your countertops to protect your pet from swallowing harmful ingredients. This goes for food wrappers as well.

Secure trash cans. To prevent your pet from going through the trash or knocking it over, cover and place them inside a latch cabinet.

Put children’s toys away. Your furry friend might mistake your child’s toy as their own. And if that toy has bells, buttons, or sharp edges, it’s easy for your pet to get hurt.

Hide dangling wires. Your pet might chew or tug on the wires from your lamps, TVs, computers, and telephones, so it’s important to hide them away.

Fold laundry. Drawstrings and buttons can be life threatening if swallowed, so keep your laundry off the floor and out of sight.

For more tips on how to protect your pets at home, click here.

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