A vacuum is one of those home appliances that makes cleaning up a whole lot easier. But with all that work it does, it needs a bit cleaning up of its own to stay in tiptop shape. We know it helps to have a checklist at hand, so below are a few quick maintenance tips that’ll help your vacuum run more efficiently:

Remove the dirt container. It’s common for the dirt container to be exposed to dust whether or not your vacuum includes a bag. So remove the bag if you have one, remove the container, and rinse thoroughly.

Check the filter. It’s important to clean your filter, especially if you have a newer model. Be sure to read the manual that came with your vacuum and either clean or replace the filter periodically (but more often if you use it frequently).

Clean the brush roll. The spinning brush underneath your vacuum catches a lot of dirt, hair, and debris. And if you don’t clean it once in awhile, it won’t work as well as it once did. By removing the brush roll and using an old comb to clean it, you can help it to run better.

Don’t forget the attachments.
Take out any extra heads and extension tubes that come with your vacuum cleaner, as they can also get backed up with debris inside. With a mix of warm water and dish soap, wipe them down with a damp cloth and let dry before putting them back.

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