From moldy walls to dirty faucets, every bathroom has its cleaning challenges. If you’re a homeowner, then you know the importance of keeping your home clean. If you need a little help cleaning your bathroom, here are a few secrets you should know:

Clean for a minute. A minute a day can keep the dirt away! By washing shower walls after every use you can prevent mold growth. Wiping down faucets can prevent soap scum. There’s a lot of little tricks you can follow to make cleaning quick, easy, and effective. Contact Triple S to learn more about bathroom cleaning secrets!

Let it breathe. Don’t let mildew grow in your beautiful bathroom. Increase the amount of airflow by turning on your fan during and after a shower and open the windows when you can. Not only will this keep your bathroom clean, but it will also protect your health!

Avoid harsh products. Got ring stains on your bathtub? While there are many products out there that promise you spotlessness, the truth is that many can create stained rings and other types of oily residue. The same goes for cleaning your tile floors! It’s not easy to pick the right product for the job. But by calling a professional cleaning expert, your floors can look brand new again.

At Triple S, we offer grout, tile, and stone cleaning services to make your surfaces look their best! Nobody knows more about the care and maintenance of natural tile and stone than we do. We take great pride in the quality of our work and service, backed by our guarantee of 100% satisfaction or your money back!

Triple S has three main plant locations:

Stamford Plant | 400 West Main Street
Norwalk Plant | 337 Westport Avenue
Stratford Plant | 1800 Stratford Avenue
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