Winter weather can wreak havoc in your backyard, whether it be your deck, patio, or furniture. It’s important take precaution to make sure nothing gets ruined over the next several months. Below are a few steps to help you prepare:

Clear the deck. Clearing the deck of leaves and debris can help prevent mold and mildew from forming. Use a broom to sweep off the loose debris and then grab a blower to get all the hard-to-sweep leaves and dirt off your deck. It also helps to hose it down before it gets too cold out to do so. 

Cover up furniture.
Covering up your large pieces of furniture can protect them from getting ruined from all the precipitation that usually falls in the winter months. This is especially beneficial if you have wood furniture, as rain, snow, and condensation can damage the finish.  

Store cushions. Storing your outdoor cushions can help to preserve their color and material. But make sure you store them in your home, as this can leave a trail of dirt inside! Instead, hire a professional to store them. Not only do professional have a warehouse to store them in, but they can clean them as well!

If you need professional outdoor cushion storage and cleaning, turn to the experts at Triple S! We will clean, sanitize, and protect your cushions through the winter months. No longer need to worry cleaning or storing them yourself – we will carefully store them in our dry warehouse and have them ready for pickup or delivery the week you want them in the spring!

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