Love having a clean home, but don’t want to spend hours cleaning? We’ve got you covered! Below area few expert tips to help you tidy up your house in no time:

Clean from top to bottom.
If you want to cut back on cleaning time, start at the top and work your way down. That way, you won’t have to clean your floors twice from crumb droppings or water spatters.

Don’t wait too long. Cleaning up as you go can make a tedious chore a little bit easier. For example, don’t let dirty dishes and utensils fill up the sink – if you do, you’ll be putting a lot more time into cleaning than necessary. Little by little is the way to go!

Fold the laundry. Do your clean clothes keep piling up? If so, make it a new habit to fold and put away your laundry each week. Doing so can make cleaning quick and easy when there are other tasks to do.

Store clutter at the door. Keep your house tidy by using a closet and shoe rack at the front entry. Hang up hats, jackets, gloves, toys, and even store your mail. You’ll be happy you stashed your belongings away before entering the living room.

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We have three main plant locations:

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