Vacuums might seem powerful enough to pick up just about anything. However, there are a few items that could in fact ruin your household appliance. To avoid damage, here are a few items you should never vacuum:

Glass. When a wine glass or a dish breaks, your first instinct is probably to grab the vacuum and suck up the mess. But if you do, you can possibly puncture the bag inside your vacuum and scratch the interiors. The best alternative in this case is to grab a broom instead.

Soggy food. Not only is it dangerous for electrical devices to get close to moisture, but your vacuum is also not built to efficiently pick up anything wet. So whether it be pet food or spilled cereal, you’re better off grabbing a paper towel to clean it up.

Coins. Avoid vacuuming copper, nickel, or anything in between. When you roll over pennies or even paper clips, you risk them getting caught in the rotating brush or breaking off other pieces inside your vacuum. Picking them up with your hands or a broom is a better idea. 

Dust particles. If you’ve recently finished construction in your house, skip vacuuming the tiny dust particles remaining. Instead, you’ll need a bit of a stronger appliance, so call your local carpet and flooring cleaning service if you don’t have the proper machinery at home to get the job done. 

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