Fall is almost here – the perfect time to cozy up your bedroom! Looking for a few easy ways to turn your space into a relaxing retreat? Get inspired by these four ideas:

Go big with a headboard. Want to easily transform your ordinary bedroom into a luxurious, boutique hotel room? All you need is a tall headboard with lots of detail to make your bed the eye-catching focal point of your space! Make sure the fabric is high-quality and has a unique silhouette to it!

Hang chandeliers. Nightstand lamps are a great option for lighting up a room, but hanging tiny, crystal chandeliers on each side of your bed can make your space look even more glamorous and bright. Not to mention, chandeliers can also transform your bedroom from ordinary to extraordinary without breaking the bank!

Add extra throws. There’s almost no better feeling than diving onto a bed covered with extra pillows and throw blankets – so layer them on! Don’t be afraid to mix and match. For example, a paisley patterned duvet looks great with a solid throw and geometrical shaped pillows.

Window Treatments. Bare windows are the best way to attract light. However, adding sheer, flowy window treatments can soften up the look of your bedroom, while still inviting lots of sunlight in! If you’d rather add a little more privacy, opt for linen window treatments that can easily swing open when the autumn air is breezy outside.

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