Labor Day is approaching soon, which means many of us will be hosting outdoor gatherings! A lot can go into planning backyard parties, especially end of the summer bashes. Here are a few tips that can help you prepare painlessly for your outdoor party.

Detailed Invites
Send out some invitations with basic information to avoid any confusion. Include important details such as the date and time, location, etc. But don’t stop there! Let them know what time they’ll be eating so they can anticipate when to eat beforehand. Including the type of attire everyone should wear will also help ease any questions people may have. No one wants to be the under-dressed or over-dressed person at a party. Lastly, set a rain date if bad weather could ruin the party. If not, add a “rain or shine” comment at the bottom of the invitation.

Let There Be LightThe party is taking place outside and it will get dark sooner than it did towards the beginning of summer. Set up strings of lights across the party on trees, across decks, and on fences. Add a few lanterns around the party for extra lighting. The key is to have just enough dim light to be able to interact and maneuver around the dancefloor.

Turn the Music Up
Music should be heard throughout the entire party, but please don’t turn the speakers to max volume. For an optimal music experience, place multiple speakers at each corner of the yard, setting them at a lower volume. More importantly, don’t be that host who has the same 10 songs playing throughout the night. Create a playlist that’s at least five hours long. That way the playlist will last almost as long as the length of the party. It’s okay to repeat a song, but not consistently throughout the night.

Fun for the Kids
Parties are meant for fun, not for constantly peering over your shoulder to worry about what the kids are doing. Set up an area for the kids to play in, like a Slip ‘n Slide, sprinkler, or a volleyball net. Let the kids have their fun while you have yours.

Take these tips and incorporate them into your big end of summer bash. While parties can be fun, the clean up never is. You may notice after a party that there may be some drink or food stains leading to the bathroom or on your new patio furniture. Don’t panic just yet! Let Triple S Carpet, Rug, Drapery & Upholstery Cleaners help you out. We’ll help you clean up the mess on your carpets and patio cushions while you focus on disposing of the punch bowl. Contact our experts today or visit our website to schedule a cleaning! We have three main plant locations:

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