Did you know that you can clean your home with foods you might already have the pantry or refrigerator? It’s true – before you head to the store for a bottled cleaner, consider these surprising foods that can get rid of all those greasy stains:

Lemons. Do you have a grimy microwave or stained linens? If so, use a lemon from the fridge! The citrus in lemons is strong and will clean your linens and polish your microwave with just a little less than one cup of it!

Rice. If you have a box of rice in your pantry, boil a cup and swish it around with some dish detergent. This is a great solution to clean the inside of your flower vases and other hard-to-reach spots.

Ketchup. Are you surprised? So are we! Believe it or not, this french fry dip can make your copper appliances and pots look new once again.

Lemon or orange drinks. Another effective solution to polish your appliances! The citric acid you find in these drinks can help get rid of any rust or stains you may have on your dishwasher.

Walnuts. Got scratches on your wood furniture? Don’t panic – simply remove the shell of a walnut and rub it on the wood to cover up any damage.

Vinegar. White vinegar in particular, is an extremely powerful cleaning tool. Not only can it freshen up your laundry, but it can also remove stains from your carpets and brighten up your windows!

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If these foods don’t get the job done, give Triple S a call! We offer wall to wall carpet, tile, and drapery cleaning, and will give you a bottle of our most-trusted ProSeal fabric protector to ensure your furniture stays fresh all year round! We have three main plant locations:

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